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Established in 2006, SmartWay Education Centre has assisted hundreds of students from Medan and surrounding areas to continue their study overseas. Widely recognized as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) sole representative in Sumatera Island, SmartWay Education Centre has proven to be one of the few educational agents in Medan that consistently provides excellent services to our students  throughout the years.

Awarded as 'Singapore Education Specialist', SmartWay Education Centre works closely with many top Singapore's education institutions to provide smooth transition for our students to continue their study in Singapore.


SmartWay Education Centre offers a well rounded services starting from arranging students' accommodation, applying student pass (immigration services), scholarship application and pre-departure briefing for students and parents.

Since 2012, SmartWay Education Centre has expanded the business to provide Arts & Language Training, hence started the Training Centre division. To date we have trained hundreds of students starting from primary to secondary level.

In order to provide more education choices for our students, SmartWay Education Centre expands its partner institutions to many different countries across the world, such as Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. With more partner institutions on board, SmartWay Education Centre can cater more students' educational needs.


Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 10

Medan - 20233, North Sumatera - Indonesia

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