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SmartWay visited BHMS Switzerland

Study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Luzerne Switzerland, will surely give once in a life time experience for the students.

In June 2019, Smartway Education Centre was invited to visit BHMS campuses in Luzerne, Switzerland, and it was an amazing trip.

We experienced first hand the students' life in BHMS, from airport pick up to the classroom study experience. The student service department is top-notch and help all the new students from all around the world to feel like home in BHMS's student accommodation.

All the students will receive an unlimited internet package SIM card to be used for free for one month so students can connect with their friends and family at home country immediately after they arrive in BHMS.

BHMS located in the centre city of Luzerne, along side of Lake Luzerne, with clear water, amazing view and a short walk to reach the famous Chapel Bridge.

Students can do a short walk from the students accommodation to enjoy the fabulous view of Lake Luzerne and do some shopping in the Old Town area, all can be done within walking distance.

If students decide to take a trip to other cities, they can walk to the main train station within 10 - 15 mins walk, and there are quite a lot of shops to do a quick shopping in the main train station before hop on to the train.

Students can also walk to the top of the hill from the students accommodation and enjoy a beautiful bird-eye-view of Luzerne City.

BHMS is located in the city centre of Luzerne City, so students can really experience the life in Switzerland and enjoy the amazing study environment in Switzerland.

BHMS offers three main majors of study, i.e. Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management & Global Business Management, from Diploma to Master degree.

Scholarships are available for students from Medan as part of the collaboration with SmartWay Education Centre.

Call us for more information about Study in BHMS Swizerland!

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